When Your Dream Hits A Dead-End

“Part of being wise in this world is learning to accept that we have only very limited access to the big picture.”  - David Gibson

“Persisting in one way is not a guarantee of victory. But persistence blended with experimentation does guarantee success.”  - David Schwartz

“Great opportunities never have 'great opportunity’ in the subject line.”  - Scott Belsky

"What looks inevitable in hindsight is often invisible with foresight."  - Steven Kotler

Inner Dialogue

It’s over.

… your life, that is. Well, at least it seems that way. It definitely feels that way. But you are still breathing. You are still consciously aware of these thoughts. Yet, somehow, it all seems surreal, almost as if real life isn’t that real, or at least not nearly as real as you once thought.

How did you get to here? How did you manage to come to this dead-end? And why? Why did you work so hard, fight for so long, and sacrifice so much only to wind up at a place you never wished to be?

Chance? : How to Make Something Happen, Because Nothing Just Happens

“Lots of people want to be the noun without doing the verb.”  - Austin Kleon

Believe it or not, this blog post didn’t come to me in a vision… even though that would have been pretty sweet.

In fact, it took me well over 45 minutes to finally write down that first sentence. Humbling, but true. The point is, words don’t naturally come to those who write them. They come through the sound of fingers hitting keys, and through the perspiration of the brow that is piece-mealing ideas together. It takes work.