Perspectives, Pt. 1 - The Three Archetypes

Perspectives is a series about just that - perspectives: how we view the world; how we process the information and events we experience in everyday life.

In order to self-correct we must first be self-aware enough to know what needs correcting. Self-awareness entails an objective view of how we personally think and operate, which leads to a greater empathy and understanding towards others with whom our views and perspectives differ.

The heart behind this series is to examine the power of perspective through blog posts, to help illustrate and open our eyes to the power perspective can bring. At some point, your perspective and mine will undoubtedly differ... and that’s the point. This is my take on it, what’s yours?

Personality types and self-help books have been on the rise ever since the Myers-Briggs Test hit the scene in the 70’s. There are scores of books, scores of tests, scores of types - all aiming to help you understand… you. Because in understanding you, you can live your best life now. These offerings present us with hope, a hope that we can take control our own lives, a hope that we aren’t crazy, a hope that we aren’t as different from others as we think. A hope that in better understanding ourselves, we can better relate to our world and those who reside in it.

This post is my take on personality types.

Life Is Not A Hot Shower

"We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training." - Archilochus

Hot showers are great. I mean, who doesn’t like them?

It’s virtually a universal truth - a part of life we can all agree on. There’s just something about the simple pleasure of standing under a stream of warm steamy water that brings us joy and comfort in life.

… Maybe that’s why we like it so much: because it’s so un-like life.

Oxygen Addiction: The Rise of Chronic Overbreathers

When was the last time you thought about a breath you took?

If I had to take a guess, it wouldn’t be a moment in recent memory. And to be honest, that really is a good thing in many ways. What that reveals is that our bodies have efficiently passed off the duties of breathing to our adaptive/subconscious mind, as a part of the natural, habitual functions that keep our bodies operating and alive. This is beneficial because it frees up our mind and our energy to be fully invested in our other pursuits, activities, or tasks in day-to-day life.

But breathing is no trivial part of our existence. in fact, it is the most fundamental cornerstone to life itself. As Patrick McKeown aptly states:

“We can live without food for weeks and water for days, but air just a few brief moments.”

Breathing - What it Means, What it Can Do, and Why

This past month I had the privilege of attending a “Breathing Performance and Recovery Camp" down in Costa Mesa, CA.  Now, in hearing the title, you may be thinking: what could possibly be the purpose in that? 

Simply put, breathing is the base source of life.  Without it, we don’t stand a chance.  On average, we inhale and exhale around 20,000 times a day!  When we inhale, Oxygen (O2) is delivered to the body by means of the lungs, and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is then discharged by the exhale.  When we no longer breathe in oxygen, there won’t be enough oxygen in the bloodstream for the vital organs, and the result will ultimately be death.  This is not a trivial part of life, but rather an essential element.

Okay, enough with the basics, how does CONSCIOUS BREATHING impact performance, health, and human flourishing?