the process of developing or being developed



- to work out the possibilities of
- to create or produce especially by deliberate effort over time
- to make active or promote the growth of
- to make available or usable
- to cause to evolve or unfold gradually
- to lead or conduct (something) through a succession of states or changes each of which is preparatory for the next
- to expand by a process of growth


Coming alongside you as an individual, or in the context of your business, in order to clarify the vision, delineate the goals, implement the systems/processes to support, and then provide the accountability needed to get there.

My goal is to be your teammate and collaborator, in order to support and amplify your abilities and pursuits.


People who are:

  • At a Crossroads in Life

  • Starting a business

  • Scaling a business

  • Solopreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs needing a teammate / collaborator

  • Lack of clarity on what they want to do

  • Unsure of how to get where they want to go

  • Wanting to get a competitive advantage

Collaboration is for anyone who is striving to build a business or see an idea/concept from seed to fruition.

With being in a similar stage in life, I am providing an objective source of feedback (your project is not my “baby”), along with helping to clarify your vision, goals, and results you want to achieve. More importantly, I am helping create the strategic plan for how to develop the idea and move through the different phases of the process along the way.

This is why I have chosen to refer to myself as a “teammate” - because that is ultimately what I do: coming alongside you to support the vision with clarifying guidance, problem-solving collaboration, and continual feedback on decision-making and implementing strategies.


Collaboration follows a 3-fold process:


This is the phase where the vision is crafted, the goals are clarified, and the trajectory is communicated. It is where I provide an objective lens to your inner-dreams and help bring a better understanding of what you truly desire in the years ahead and in the work you are pursuing.


This is the period when your current reality is examined, and the strengths and weaknesses of it are exposed. This phase entails more of a practical application of different tools, routines, and habits that can be used to maximize your potential and eliminate the unnecessary or distracting elements that don’t facilitate the goals established for your business or endeavor.


This is the part of the process where the path forward is created and committed to. It involves working together to craft the game plan for how you will strategically pursue the development of your business concept/model (or for you personally), and the acquisition of clients and customers to create sustainability for the future.



I believe that discipline fuels everything we do in life. Without the ability to say “no”, we can never say “yes”. The older we get in life, and the further along we get in our careers, the more we have to say no to the opportunities that aren’t in line with our vision and calling in life. Yet, this is still true in the early stages of our career and personal development. Cultivating and strengthening self-discipline will help us withstand the onslaught of distractions and detours that fill our lives every single day.


With the pace of life in modern-day society, success often feels like: who can be moving forward the fastest. But motion is never a guarantee of progress, and if we never take the time to truly figure out where we are going then it will be impossible to ever get there. John Wooden stated this simply by saying: “Never mistake activity for achievement." Not only is knowing the destination important, but knowing ourselves and how we are wired is a crucial component of traveling down the road successfully. The better we know ourselves, the quicker we will be able to recognize the lies we tell our self. And, the more accurate we will be in discerning what is best to say “yes” to.


Nothing just happens (see blog), and because of that, it's up to us to ensure that it does happen. If you leave it up to chance, then the chances you achieve your goals are reduced to mere hope. James Clear said: “Soon is not a time, and some is not a number.” Not only does it take specifically determining your goals, but also clearly and creatively laying out the path to get there, helping separate you from your competition. 

What To Expect


The role of any coach or teammate is to help make the other better. This happens through raw honesty and a dual investigation of reality. Simply by being forced to put words to our thoughts and actions, we are better able to see reality for what it is, and then have the ability to speak the future into existence by leveraging our natural propensity for consistency. Growth is the only option.


My role is to be a facilitator, not an answer-teller. I will always be probing and interrogating to see what lies at the core of what is being said. We are all more capable than we give ourselves credit for. Empowerment means that I work myself out of a job by providing the structure for others to self-apply in order to self-correct on their own, through the habits, self-discipline, and self-awareness they develop during our work together.


Results are the necessary feedback we need in order to know if we are truly moving in the right direction. By holding others to what they say they truly want or believe, we can adequately examine whether or not that is true and why. What results is greater clarity, greater honesty, and greater progress towards the actual destination we are trying to reach. Forward progress is never a finished process, which is why we must always fall in love with the process. But progress is needed to help us have endurance in the race we are running called life.