The Short of it:

You are hiring me for two main reasons:

  1. Objectivity

  2. Accountability

*Both of which you can’t accomplish on your own

The fruit of this is:

  • Clarity of Vision

  • Progress toward goals

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Ultimately: self-empowerment


What is Development?

the process of developing or being developed

What does this look like?

According to Merriam Webster, To "Develop" means:

- to work out the possibilities of
- to create or produce especially by deliberate effort over time
- to make active or promote the growth of
- to make available or usable
- to cause to evolve or unfold gradually
- to lead or conduct (something) through a succession of states or changes each of which is preparatory for the next
- to expand by a process of growth

According to Thane, To "Develop" Means:

Coming alongside you as an individual, or in the context of your business, in order to clarify the vision, delineate the goals, implement the systems/processes to support, and then provide the accountability needed to get there.

My goal is to be your teammate and collaborator, in order to support and amplify your abilities and pursuits.

Who it's For

People who are:

  • At a Crossroads in Life

  • Starting a business

  • Scaling a business

  • Solopreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs needing a teammate / collaborator

  • Lack of clarity on what they want to do

  • Unsure of how to get where they want to go

  • Wanting to get a competitive advantage

Collaboration is for anyone who is striving to build a business or see an idea/concept from seed to fruition.

With being in a similar stage in life, I am providing an objective source of feedback (your project is not my “baby”), along with helping to clarify your vision, goals, and results you want to achieve. More importantly, I am helping create the strategic plan for how to develop the idea and move through the different phases of the process along the way.

This is why I have chosen to refer to myself as a “teammate” - because that is ultimately what I do: coming alongside you to support the vision with clarifying guidance, problem-solving collaboration, and continual feedback on decision-making and implementing strategies.

What it Entails

Collaboration follows a 3-fold process:


This is the phase where the vision is crafted, the goals are clarified, and the trajectory is communicated. It is where I provide an objective lens to your inner-dreams and help bring a better understanding of what you truly desire in the years ahead and in the work you are pursuing.


This is the period when your current reality is examined, and the strengths and weaknesses of it are exposed. This phase entails more of a practical application of different tools, routines, and habits that can be used to maximize your potential and eliminate the unnecessary or distracting elements that don’t facilitate the goals established for your business or endeavor.


This is the part of the process where the path forward is created and committed to. It involves working together to craft the game plan for how you will strategically pursue the development of your business concept/model (or for you personally), and the acquisition of clients and customers to create sustainability for the future.

What I bring


I believe that discipline fuels everything we do in life. Without the ability to say “no”, we can never say “yes”. The older we get in life, and the further along we get in our careers, the more we have to say no to the opportunities that aren’t in line with our vision and calling in life. Yet, this is still true in the early stages of our career and personal development. Cultivating and strengthening self-discipline will help us withstand the onslaught of distractions and detours that fill our lives every single day.


With the pace of life in modern-day society, success often feels like: who can be moving forward the fastest. But motion is never a guarantee of progress, and if we never take the time to truly figure out where we are going then it will be impossible to ever get there. John Wooden stated this simply by saying: “Never mistake activity for achievement." Not only is knowing the destination important, but knowing ourselves and how we are wired is a crucial component of traveling down the road successfully. The better we know ourselves, the quicker we will be able to recognize the lies we tell our self. And, the more accurate we will be in discerning what is best to say “yes” to.


Nothing just happens (see blog), and because of that, it's up to us to ensure that it does happen. If you leave it up to chance, then the chances you achieve your goals are reduced to mere hope. James Clear said: “Soon is not a time, and some is not a number.” Not only does it take specifically determining your goals, but also clearly and creatively laying out the path to get there, helping separate you from your competition.


Nathan N. (Teacher and Tutor)

"Thane is the coach that I have always needed. He’s not a coach in the sense of having his own goals and helping you perform well for his team. Thane is the coach who sees your potential- then empowers and encourages you to towards your personal and business goals.

Before working with Thane, I had a simple goal and was passionate about it. I wanted to be a successful educator and help others find value in their studies. Thane helped me think critically about this goal, develop clarity on my immediate goals, and helped me develop the personal and business structure I need to accomplish my goals. Thane asks great questions- questions that I would not have asked on my own. Then he naturally developed a conversation for me to critically think about my goals and help me find clarity. Finally, he helped me implement a structure and the routines that best support my goals. Going through this process was an empowering experience. His work has enabled me to reach my goals.

Thane's work doesn’t stop with developing clarity and creating a plan. He provides the accountability needed to stay encouraged and motivated to pursue my goals. On my own, losing focus and motivation is as natural as being tired at the end of a long day. The accountability Thane holds me to is positive, challenging, and motivating to stay on track. He understands that it’s possible to fall behind, but he also knows it’s not impossible to get back on track. The discouragement of not meeting immediate goals has always led to a self-limiting belief that I am not capable. Thane has helped me evaporate this belief and find the baby steps that lead back to success.

The experience Thane has as a professional athlete is what makes him so capable to provide this level of coaching. He enables me to apply the structures, routines, and focus of a professional athlete to my life. The most beneficial part of working with Thane is that he has opened my mind to living with the intentionality that an athlete has in order to be successful."

Vanessa D. (Events Planner & Business Owner)

"Working with Thane Marcus was a God-send. The adventure of starting a new business was just beginning for me and amidst all the chaos that can go on, Thane offered a sense of clarity and pointed me in the right direction when making crucial decisions. When facing crossroads or a point of pure confusion, first thing I would do is call Thane. He was a great remote teammate! He made the roller coaster ride of starting a business solo a lot easier. Thankful for his foresight, focus, discipline and ability to connect me with other creatives."

Cassidy R. (Social Media Business Owner & Student)

"Working with Thane lead to really intentional thinking. He posed great questions that make you evaluate daily decisions along with the purpose behind those decisions. It was "homework" to really think about the why behind daily tasks - which effected the way I thought about my decisions on a business level.

It brought a range of improvements that helped me develop better self care which was taking a back seat in my life while I was focusing so much on work. I forgot the importance of taking care of myself on a physical and mental level and how that effects the work I produce.

He doesn't ask easy questions, he really wants to challenge you in your thinking in order for you to understand yourself and your processes. But whenever he saw me hesitant to answer or whenever it would take me a long time to put words together - he would go first. He would share a piece of himself with me in order to not only make me more comfortable in asking but have clarity behind the question itself. 

One of the ways it provided lasting benefit is I'm way more intentional even if it is just in my day to day life. From having consistent morning and evening routines that get my day started on a high note and end on a high note. No matter what may happen to me throughout the day. And forming that consistency has helped me with my consistency in work and work quality.

One of the biggest reasons [people should work with Thane] is that it never hurts having someone in your corner. Especially if you're just starting a business and you think you have it all figured out. You most likely don't (I certainly didn't). And Thane is simply on your team. He wants to see you succeed and experience growth, because he believes in you.  And he's a pretty cool dude who makes great coffee so all in all it's a win win.

'Who should work with Thane?'

Anyone who wants to get better. We are all in the business of something - and at the heart of business is the desire to grow and advance and to reach people. But we can't do that if we aren't investing in ourselves. And that's what working with Thane is, a personal investment for you, to you. If you really want to be challenged not just on a business level but on a personal development level then go for it. It's an investment in you and the future of your company. I'd recommend him to anyone."

Ken C. (DJ, Music Producer, and Content Creator)

"Thank God for Thane Ringler. He is an olympic athlete, in the sport of the mind.

Thane is like your mom/dad/nutritionist/counselor/physical trainer/motivational best friend, all in one supercharged package of a man. He assesses what your goals are. He spends days getting to know your history and upbringing, what your strengths and weaknesses are. And then, he simply starts putting into action, one, two ideas, plans, goals for the week. I constantly miss deadlines we set. The way he uses mistakes to learn and encourage is fascinating. 

He’s the parent/teacher/cheerleader I didn’t know existed. He’s always coaching, as a friend. He has a way of turning every success and mishit into lessons combined with quotes, recommended podcasts and encouragement. If you’re in a coffee shop, he can teach you about Espresso for days. If you’re feeling tired, he digs into circadian rhythms, diet, thought patterns. 

He has a God given, boundless passion for helping people with goals and dreams. Never preaching, always supporting. Always following up and giving you freedom to adjust the game plan. I’ve always struggled with discipline and schedule. In the brief time that we’ve worked together, he’s helped me see a creative beauty in planning. I’ve learned how deeply every minute of my evening routine affects my entire day. I’m much more militant about how I get into bed, more focused on what I’m feeding my soul before bed, and more wise about how to get out of bed.

I feel a refreshed joy of music. A deeper understanding of what’s affecting me from my past. Tons of practical mind control in fighting depression, hopelessness. A freedom to start fresh every day.

'Why should others work with Thane Marcus?'

To find more meaning, purpose and joy in work. His experience and gifts give him a powerhouse perspective on what our souls need to fly. He can talk for 2 hours on any subject. He can listen for 2 hours on any subject. 

He has a wealth of knowledge of nutrition and psychology that is wrapped with a heart to help.

'Who should work with Thane Marcus?'

Anyone looking for a team. He is 7 people in 1. Anyone looking to become more self aware. Learning habits and things that truly help or don’t help. If you wanna know the depths of your gifts and weaknesses. To fight doubt, shame, regret with truth."

Chandler M. (Photographer, Designer, and Business Owner)

"Working with Thane Marcus led to a better understanding of my current brand. He was able to help me narrow my focus and press into the mission and purpose of my business. Working with Thane led to a confidence in the work that I’m producing. It also led to freedom in my schedule, which has given me the ability to find balance in my life. This brought improvements in structure, freedom, accountability, discipline, and joy.

Thane Marcus is the most disciplined human I know. This rare trait for our generation has encouraged me to grow in this area for my business and in my life. I believe that Thane’s discipline sets him apart from anyone else in his industry.

Working with Thane Marcus has provided me several lasting benefits. The accountability I had working alongside Thane was amazing for the present and future of my business. There are many different skill-sets that Thane educated me on that will impact my business for years to come. He has provided structure and discipline to my business that is invaluable.

'Who should work with Thane Marcus?'

If you are struggling to find balance in any area of your life Thane Marcus is for you. I was drowning in workflow before Thane and I started collaborating. I can’t stress enough the fact that what he does is rare and invaluable to any business. Entrepreneurs and their businesses will be immensely blessed by his guidance and direction."

How I Developed

As a professional athlete, especially in the arena of golf, the responsibility of success and/or failure falls entirely on your own shoulders. There is no teammate to blame, no official to give you an excuse, no one to depend on for guaranteeing success - it all comes down to you and you alone. This means you must take full ownership of the good, the bad, and the ugly that will inevitably all come your way.

The fruit of full-ownership is the discovery of habits, disciplines, and strategies that help bring out your best. Through this journey, I’ve come to realize that one of my greatest passions in life is to help others achieve the same.

Now, on the tail-end of my golf career, I am striving to help others discover, and commit, to the disciplines, habits, and lifestyle that will ultimately amplify both their work and results. Not only from a lifestyle perspective, but also from a business perspective. Helping develop a game plan for the path forward, and the strategy of how to creatively and intentionally pursue the goals laid before you.