From Here to There conveys mental models or frameworks to help you travel down the path to mastery more efficiently and effectively.

Through sharing his experiences as a professional golfer, Thane provides personal stories, explanations of the concepts, and practical applications for turning the information into action.


About the Author:

Thane Marcus Ringler is a 26-year-old living in Los Angeles, CA. He grew up in the heart of America, in the small town of Hutchinson, KS. Growing up, sports was his main occupation, and being an athletic kid, he played them all. Upon demonstrating noticeable skill in golf, he narrowed in on that sport and dedicated himself into the pursuit of being the best he could be. After playing for four years at The Master’s University (in CA), he turned to competing in the ranks of the professionals. He played for over three years as a professional golfer, competing all over the world and alongside some of the best in the world (such as Jordan Spieth and Adam Scott).


Origin of this book:

The last year-and-a-half of his career was riddled with a nagging injury that kept persisting. This led him to diversify his pursuits while waiting on his body to heal. He started a podcast with a friend (called The Up & Comers Show) and also began working on his first book. The book was originally meant to be on how the game of golf teaches you about life. But, as he worked on it, it slowly morphed into more of a life-coaching book all about how to pursue mastery.

As Thane has now transitioned from a professional golf career into new business ventures outside of golf, this book has been written to himself just as much as others. It is a book about the journey, written from the midst of Thane’s biggest shift in life thus far. And, it’s a book about the fruits of failure, relating to the human experience found in falling short of our lofty goals.