Origin Story

The beginnings of this slogan, or motto, stem from introspection into how I am wired - a product that the pursuit of professional golf gave me. Through striving to be my best on the golf course, I started to learn what being my best in life entailed as well.

I love learning, and part of learning is the act of simplifying - taking big concepts into smaller, bite-size portions that are more easily digestible. Being able to talk at the depth of a graduate-level discourse, as well as being able to explain that same concept to a third-grader, is a prime-indicator of mastery.

In light of this, I am always seeking out the simplest formula or equation for getting to where I am going. In golf, this looked like being ruthlessly committed to the systems and processes that proved to be most effective in producing my best performance. As I have now transitioned out of golf into a new professional career, this looks like leaning into my natural and developed strengths of connecting, collaborating, and inspiring. But beyond golf and other career-endeavors, I am a child of God - a follower of Jesus Christ.

By devoting my life to serving Jesus, I am striving, daily, towards conforming into the likeness of His image - the perfect, sinless, Savior of the world. This isn’t easy, and oftentimes I am taking two steps forward followed by three steps back. The Bible is a book filled with truth - the Truth - so much so, we can dedicate our entire lives to studying it and never reach the fullness of its depths.

(This has a point, I promise.)

With the chaotic nature of life, we need reminders that ground us in, and return us to, our purpose - the reason for why we do what we do. As a Christian, I look for ways to remind myself of my greater purpose in life, as I often become distracted by the tasks of each day. In the past few years, the verse that has solidified as my anchor and anthem is Romans 11:36:

“For from Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things.”


This is the heart behind Thane Marcus, and it is the root of Connecting, Collaborating, and Inspiring others with the work I pursue. The visuals that have been created serve the purpose of depicting both the earthly and the eternal heartbeat behind what I do - and it serves as the reminder I need, to bring me back to my “why” with all that I do.