The Short of it:

Full Name:  Thane Marcus Ringler

Born and Raised:   Hutchinson, KS

Self-Described:   Ultra-competitive, fiercely determined, loyal friend, relationally driven, internally motivated, sports fanatic, adrenaline junkie, lover of learning, disciplined by necessity, extroverted and introverted, passionate and inspired Up & Comer.

The Basics:

  • Christ-follower

  • Current Home: Los Angeles, CA

  • Education: B.A. Business Admin, Accounting and Finance (The Master's University)

  • Former Pro Golfer (3.5 years)

  • Loves: Fitness/Exercise, Snowboarding, Dancing, Reading, Sports of every kind, and all things Coffee (in no particular order)


The Long of it:

The past three years have been a deep dive into personal development. Although the object of that development was the arena of professional golf, the subject of that development was yours truly. During this pursuit, I left no stone unturned in regards to maximizing my human potential. This ceaseless striving has given me a strong grasp of the process involved in producing your best work, whether that be within an office, sweating in the gym, or for the business you are creating.

The main service that I am providing is what I call Collaboration - a combination of Coaching, Consulting, and Creating (can also be called: Personal / Professional Development Coaching).

Along with these services, I am committed to providing consistent and thought-provoking content through written blog-posts each month, and through the content I produce on The Up & Comers Show. This is as much selfish as it is selfless - since writing is an exercise which gives me more life than I can share with others in return. From the podcast I co-host, to the blogs I am writing, and the books I am authoring, I am blessed to be able to learn through many different forms of communication that each facilitate different neurological connections. My goal is for this content to stimulate greater thought, contemplation, and growth in the lives of all who read or listen.

What the last chapter of my life held: